Milano Fashion Week 2024-25 Collection (AW+SS)

- A blissful birthday -


In our childhood, the memories of Mom meticulously preparing party food and Dad bringing home a cream cake on his way back from work, with the whole family singing birthday songs together, linger as a nostalgic 

fragrance in a corner of our hearts. Those birthdays were warm and memorable moments, and as adults, we often spend our birthdays outdoors with friends. Unlike the birthdays filled with parental love, 

celebrating with friends or going on dates brings new experiences and joy. However, it can also lead to moments of sadness, especially when disagreements arise. 

The birthdays spent with our affectionate parents in our younger years and the dynamic celebrations with friends and dates are undoubtedly special and happy moments with each passing instant.

The theme of the HEEYONGHeE 2024-25 F/W Milan Fashion Week Collection is 'A Blissful Birthday.' Drawing inspiration from the various emotions felt on that special day, 

as well as iconic elements like party hats, cakes, candles, birthday gifts, ribbons, and the capes we wore as children, the collection features a well-matched lineup of ready-to-wear and couture dresses.

We invite you to fully experience the restrained minimalism and avant-garde design philosophy of HEEYONGHeE design house.


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