My studio in its purest form. This place boasts an unrefined minimalism that reveals HEEYONGHeE's signature aesthetic in its most unambiguous state.

Draping and art textile, which finds new purpose in discarded threads, embodies the aesthetic sensibility of designer HEEYONGHeE. HYH artistic process of pattern making and material development, carried out with her skilled hands, stems from ber authenticity and experience in the realm of art.


Company Name: Heeyonghee Studio 

Address: 3F 17 Dosan-Daero 8 Gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul , South Korea

Customer Service: 02-501-4289


Office Hours: MON - FRI 11:00~6:00

CEO: Shin, Hee-yong ㅣ Personal Information Manager: Lim Cheolhyun ㅣ Online Commerce Registration Number: 2023-Seoul Gangnam-02489 ㅣ Business Registration Number: 399-41-00989 ㅣ Copyright ⓒ HEEYONGHeE Studio